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Darkness Rush Saving Princess - iPhone Gameplay Video

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Darkness Rush is a running action game with fascinating 3D graphics,rich content and thrilling game plot.

Shared adventurous experiences made the vampire and the werewolf become good friends. Shared adventurous experiences made them simultaneously fall in love with Freya from Albom famiy. The two dueled because of Freya. When Freya was kidnapped, the two reunited to flight with Dark Dragon.

Please be prepared for an addictive game, be prepared to come to a fancy world where you can manipulate vampires, werewolves and even witches.

1. Attack and fly will consume mana. Be careful using your mana.
2. Double jump can make you jump higher.
3. The more scores you earn, the better your world rank will be.
4. You can buy equipments in the store by coins gain from level up.
5. You can share the game with your friends by multiplayer.
6. You can complete mission to level up.
7. Higher level means better title.
8. Items can bring you more fun.
9. Continuously gain 3 red crystals will earn you power of taking animal form.
10. Runes of Magic can be destroyed by sprinting or avoided by jumping.
11. You can choose your favorite character to play.
12. Attack has cool-down time. Be careful to use.
13. Achievement and Rank are the reflection of strength.
14. Good equipment can make you fulfill the task easier.
15. Equipments can change your role appearance and set the additional properties.
16. Your mana increases when you break Rune of Magic.


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